Make a Donation

The Animal Cancer Trust is a UK registered animal charity. We do not receive any government funding and are totally  reliant on donations and fundraising events for our income.

Click on the methods below to find out more on how you can support us:

Donate online

This is the easiest way of making a donation. No letters, form filling, cheques, stamps, envelopes and trekking off to the post box! The Animal Cancer Trust has teamed up with Justgiving to provide the facility of donating online. Justgiving processes all donations on our behalf, pays them into our bank at the end of each week and automatically collects Gift Aid of 28% on all donations from UK taxpayers. Donations can be made as a single donation or on a monthly basis.

Simply click on this link:

Click here to donate online with Just Giving

Send a cheque

If you would like to make a donation by cheque please download the form by clicking this link.

Set up a standing order

If you would like to make a donation by cheque please download the form by clicking this link.

Set up a direct debit payment

Direct debit donations will help us to plan more effectively for the future since we will know that your money is on its way every month.

By using a direct debit it will be convenient for you – no writing cheques or finding envelopes and stamps! It will give the Animal Cancer Trust a small gift each month direct from your bank. Just choose the amount that fits your budget – you can change or cancel it at any time.

  • Set up an online direct debit donation   
  • Download our direct debit form (available soon)

Please remember to Gift Aid your donation
If you pay either income or capital gains tax, you can now make your gift worth 28 pence more for every £1 that you donate. Simply fill in the Gift Aid Declaration on your donation form.

Give via Payroll Giving

This type of giving is a win/win situation!

You can download the Payroll Giving form by clicking this link

A regular gift to us will help us plan more effectively for the future. Giving directly through your pay means that your donation is totally tax-free as it is deducted directly from your salary before tax. Because all ‘Give As You Earn’ donations are tax-free it actually costs you less to give. The table below shows exactly how much the tax benefits are.

Your donation
to charity (gross)
Cost to you
@ 22% tax Net
Cost to you
@ 40% tax Net
of donation
£5.00 £3.90 £3.00 £5.00
£10.00 £7.80 £6.00 £10.00
£20.00 £15.60 £12.00 £20.00
£50.00 £39.00 £30.00 £50.00

You can donate through your payroll as long as your pay or pension is taxed through PAYE and your employer offers the scheme. Ask your employer’s personnel department if they are registered for payroll giving. Further information can be found on or telephone 0845 458 4586.

Alternatively you can ask the Charities’ Aid Foundation (CAF) to process your donation on behalf of the Animal Cancer Trust by downloading the form and returning it to us. If you wish to remain anonymous you can return the form direct to the address given on the form.

Leave a legacy

There are a number of ways to include the Animal Cancer Trust in your will.

Click here to find out more.

Organise a fundraising event

There are many ways that you can help us raise funds by organising your own event.

Click here to find out more.

Join our ‘Friends remembered’ club

This is where you can pay tribute to a beloved pet that you have lost to cancer and thereby create a lasting memorial.

Click here to find out more.

Gift Aid

If you are a taxpayer please declare this when donating to the charity. We can claim tax relief (currently 28p in the £). You can cancel your declaration at any time by notifying the charity.