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Year 5 students raise £181

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ANIMAL CANCER TRUST WOULD LIKE TO SAY A HUGE THANK YOU to eight Year 5 pupils from Blenheim Primary School in Leigh on Sea, Essex. They held a cookie sale at school and raised an amazing £181! We were very touched that these young ladies raised money for such an 'adult' charity. It's something young people their age do not think about. Two of the girls have known someone who has lost a pet to cancer. The stars of the event were Emily, Evelyn, Varsha, Saanvi, Cerys, Sarah, Evie and Maddie. Varsha has written the following paragraph about why the girls chose this charity.."We girls have done a helpful job in raising lots of money for animals with cancer. We chose this specific event because we couldn't help but notice that lots of loved pets are suffering from this terrible disease. To create awareness and collect money we set up a stall and sold lots of cookies to help the poor animals." We have sent the girls a lanyard, wristband and some leaflets in the post.


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