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Rosette raffle raises £75 for Animal Cancer Trust!

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Catherine had an online Pet Show and had 2 large Rosettes made with proceeds to Animal Cancer Trust, held in honour of her beloved Echo & Maddy who sadly passed away to cancer

Catherine tells us:

"I wanted to raise some money for The Animal Cancer Trust as last year I lost my female Staffy Maddy aged 12 to lung cancer and then 5 weeks later our boy Echo to a tumour that was by his heart - Both were dearly loved and are sadly missed so very much. I have an online pet show page so had 2 large rosettes made in their honour where people entered photo's of their pets and paid £1.00 an entry 🙂 it raised £75.00 🙂"

Although Catherine was hoping to raise more money, any small amount helps. We are very grateful to Catherine for thinking of the Animal Cancer Trust and Thank her for her time and effort in running the online pet shows.


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