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Alice completes the Autumn Wolf Run raising £850 for ACT!!

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undefinedundefinedundefinedYesterday Alice braved muddy obstacles to raise money for the Animal Cancer Trust and by the looks of her photos she had great fun! Alice completed this challenge in aid of her 3 Labradors which she has lost to 3 different types of cancer.

Alice tells us:

"I chose to raise money for the Animal Cancer Trust because back in May me and my family lost both of our beloved family Labrador’s, Biscuit & Giggs, to two types of cancers. Giggs was diagnosed in March with a type of mouth cancer sadly we lost him 2 months later as the tumour grew out of control after surgery, 5 days later we took Biscuit to the vets for what should of been a visit regarding arthritis but turns out she had bone cancer and the tumour was so aggressive it caused her back leg to break. Biscuit sadly lost her battle with cancer that day too. Ever since our family has felt incomplete and the family home so empty! Me and my family miss and think about Biscuit and Giggs everyday! Several years before we had Biscuit and Giggs our family pet Lady sadly also got diagnosed with cancer as well, she ended up loosing her battle as well. 

We have now lost 3 of our beloved Labrador’s to 3 different types of cancers. So I wanted to raise money for ACT to help towards the research of cancer in our pets so hopefully one day we can find a cure and we don’t have to loose anymore pets before their time!"
We would like to Thank Alice and her sponsors for their support.

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