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Daisy's ACT Summer Fundraiser

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Lots of fun was had by all the dogs and lots of yummy treats were available for all the people attending on Monday.

Kelly and Martin are still doing their sums but lots of money was raised for ACT by this lovely couple in memory of Daisy, their Pug who lost her fight with lymphoma at Easter.

ACT is extremely grateful for all the hard work that Daisy, Kelly and Martyn's friends and family put into this wonderful event. Vicki and Roger are also grateful for the kindness and hospitality shown to us by all who attended. 

Check out Daisy's ACT Summer Fundraiser Page for more lovely photos and comments on Facebook

Lilly is the lovely fawn pug on her own and in the threesome! Dory is the Black pug and the other 2 fawns are Mabel and Eddie.


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