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Pet of the month winner - July 2017

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Congratulations to Barney Williams who is the pet of the month for July!

"Barney Williams - a nomination for July. I have been so blessed having him in my life, what a dog!!! Fortunately the partial removal of part of his lung and a tumour don't seem to be slowing him down. Touching wood now - he appears to be tollerating his chemo wel, having had two sessions and is back for a 3rd on the 7th July. He enjoys his food - one of his favourite things is vanilla ice cream with d...oggy choc and we can point you in the general direction of estabishments serving the best sausages!!! Life revolves around Barney and his best interests which, if he was fit and well possibly wouldn't involve ice cream and doggy chocs but hey, in light of the circumstances he deserves some pleasure and pampering which he gets at every opportunity. On the whole we are not doing too badly, he is 13 years young and those who know him love him ❤️"

Thank you to everyone that entered, please keep eyes out for the next pet of the month competition!

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