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Pauline Clark's Fundraising Story

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Pauline Clark messaged us on Facebook and shared her fund raising story with us!

she wrote.. 
"My cat, Salem, Sabrinas son, took not well 1.5 years ago but we knew the signs. He was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. He's now 15 and is on chemotherapy every 3 days. The vet monitors him and he's doing absolutely brilliant with no change in his condition since diagnosis. You would never know anything is wrong with him now. Because of the awareness raised, we feel we caught salems cancer early so we hope he can live out his natural life, even with cancer, happy and comfortable.

In 2012 I took part in pedal for Scotland to raise funds for ACT.
This was in memory of my cat, Sabrina who sadly passed away suddenly from cancer. Sabrina was never a cuddly cat due being in and out of rescue centres in her first year. One day I picked her up and immediately noticed how light she was (she was very furry). I took her straight to the vet but I somehow knew it wasn't good. She was scheduled in the next week for an operation as the vet felt a lump in her abdomen. 
She never came home. The cancer had spread.
Looking back, there were signs but I only knew these after the fact.
Taking part to raise money also helped me and my friends know what signs to look for in a sick animal because as we all know, they are great at hiding their illness until it's too late.
I cycled 50 miles from Glasgow to Edinburgh and raised £115.
Every year I take part in different ways to raise money for different charities and hope to raise more for ACT in the near future. The work they do helps raise awareness in pet owners and vets so hopefully, less people go through what we did with sabrina."- Pauline Clark



Well done Pauline and thank you for fundraising for us.

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