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Karen Snarey-Bacon's Fundraising Story

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Karen Snarey-Bacon's shared her fundraising story with us


Karen and family held afternoon tea and a raffle on good Friday. they raised a total of £151.23 
Karen said

"  Our beautiful black pug, Winston went to the vets after losing weight, after going backwards and forwards to the vets and various test he was diagnosed with secondary liver cancer on 20th December 2016. As a family we gave him the best Christmas we could and made the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep. So on 28th December, aged 7 we said goodbye to him as I held him in my arms. It was hardest thing we've ever had to do. My three children wanted him not to be forgotten and decided they wanted to raise money to stop other animals and families having to go through this pain. As we had lots of support from friends and family we decided to hold a party to thank them for being there for us and to raise money for the ACT. Although he was a little dog, Winston was loved by all that met him. He enjoyed agility classes, having cuddles and typically eating and sleeping. He will be missed by us all."

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