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Thank You!

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One of the most vital activities for the Animal Cancer Trust is the collection of donations to help fund this work. It takes time to research the literature in order to provide the most up to date information possible on our website. Our goal is to provide accurate information about the various tumour types, their diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.
we would like to say a BIG thank you to all the supporters who have fund raised or donated to us.

Richard West - £5,624.45
Suneeta & Carole - £30.00
Rhiannon Davies - £905.00
Calvin Hall - £20.00
Melissa Knight - $570.45
Laura Vicary - £555.00
Sarah Nubeebuckus-Jones - £320.00
Miss J Draper - £20.00
Oscar - £2.00
Evie P £20.00
Cyd Griffin - £280.00
Rachael Northway - £812.64
Bethany Anne Kennedy -  £232.00
Juney Errington -  £138.00
5C at Akiva School - £33.20
Sam Mottershead - £194.00
Erica Lockley -£20.00
Laura - £100
Sherralee Doherty - £1.445
Abbie Kirkman- £9.00
Rebecca Wells -£10.00
and all the other amazing supporters who have donated and fund raised for us.

if you are interested in fund raising for us you can email us at
we aim to reply to emails within 2-3 working days.
Thank you

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